What makes our Face Shield unique?

  • It is light and has an elastic band that holds it around the head.
  • We designed the Face shield to accommodate loupes.
  • Our dimensions allow for dental professionals to work while head is tilted downwards. The shield would not bend, fold, or touch the chest.
  • Our shield material has anti-fog and anti-glare coating to address the clarity and precision that is required by dental professionals.
  • Our team of dental professionals are involved in this assembly process. They individually inspect each shield before shipping.
  • We keep our shields in a clean room. By the time you receive it, minimum of 48 hours is passed since the packaging and handling.
  • We wear gloves and proper PPE during the assembly process.
  • Our facility is free of dust and no other product is being manufactured here.
  • Like all other PPEs, we recommend the Face Shield to be used as a disposable item.

Give our shield a try and feel free to share your feedback with us.

For orders of 50 to 500 units please contact info@ppesupplyinc.ca

If you are a distributor, a DSO representative, or need large quantities please contact Dr. Shervin directly drs@ppesupplyinc.ca